Monday, 21 June 2010

The Future

So yesterday was, HARI AYAHANDA!

Unfortunately, my father had to go to Terengganu early in the morning, and he got back around 12am maybe. Abg Ezani was suppose to buy the Happy Father's Day card the day before but he forgot. He even forgot to come back to his own house! He came back the next morning.

Surprisingly Abang came to Bangsar from one his friends' wedding. When Abg Ezani came back from some side job, all 3 of us went to MPH Bangsar and bought ayah his card. We walked..

When we got home and gave it to mak, we found out it said "Happy Birthday Dad"! HAHAHA! My brothers and me laughed for quite some time and Abang ROFL-ed.

Pretty nice, no?

So anyways, got to continue studying, BM paper tomorrow. Bye.

Friday, 18 June 2010


Like the new layout? I do too. Looks like Blogger's new Template Designer is quite fantastic.

So, as most of you who do not know. I'm retaking my SPM BM paper this coming Tuesday, and I'm seriously not ready for it! I don't have the spirit to study like I used to have when I was still in school.. I really miss the school, the atmosphere and of course my friends.

I don't see them all much any more.. Well I don't see much of my classmates any way. Oh and yes, I shall be a Victorian for a Day! Haha!

Anyways, I should really start studying. Just 4 more days!! Wish thee luck!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

A New Beginning

Hi there.

I just feel soo suck-ish right now.

If only life could pass as swiftly as the wind.

I'm so sentimental and yet, the memories I had with all my friends, seemed so meaningless.

I could always talk to you guys back in the day, but you guys never did so with me.
I've always kept my past close with me but would it even matter know?

I am alone, but not literally. I still have my family, parents, brothers. But you can say we're all almost apart.

As long I still breathe, I will suffer.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Eid-ul Fitri 1430 H

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
to all muslims, Malaysians and everybody else!

I'm at the Royal Town of Sri Menanti, home to my mother and her mother before her. So anyway, Rewind!

Woke up early on raya morning, had nasi lemak for breakdast cause it was a Sunday then got my haircut after by mak. Solat sunat raya aidilfitri at the mosque as always but I met a few friends there.

Got back and I quickly readied mak's laptop, tripod and camera for our family photo.
I don't think I did a pretty good job with this. Ngeh.

After that we went to Grandparents at TTDI. The usual lah. Since Abang is back, he, kakak and Salma can come beraye at Taman Tun. But they came a bit late cause of delays when they were stilll in Shah Alam. All of us 2ent back by 6pm I think.

I heard Abang was going alone back to kampung, so I wanted to follow. Mak and ayah left at 9. Abang came at 10 I think. But we gerak-ed at 11 or 1130, cause we were busy plating GH3. =P Hard is HARD! Haha.

Got there, and everyone who saw Abang asked where's Salma. Kakak didn't want to go cause well... I guess she's tired. This year Abang started to get info on our family members from Kakak's side and from ours. And we knew that our side is the hardest cause of Pak Ngah Besar's family. So I'll blog more on that later. Right now my cousin wants to use my mom's laptop for a while.

Incase I fall I sleep, Nights!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

So Very True

A painful feeling it is to go through. It's been frequently happening to me lately. Sigh.

English papers tomorrow. Sleeping on the floor again today. Nights.

Picture courtesy of:
Shannon's Tumblr.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

If Only

If only I was given
...........a chance to love
If only I was given
...........a person of a captivating heart
If only I wasn't given
...........such a foolish mind
If only the inevitable
...........could be changed

Too long have I dwindled in the dark corners of my mind
Too long have I given so much hope on the bleak
Too long have I given a chase to those around me
Too long have I done so much yet so little

If only they would stay by my side
...........rather than leaving me alone in the dark
If only she could listen to the words of my heart
...........may there be no reason to abandon any hope

If only time could heal a wounded heart.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

First thing.
Happy Belated to
Perol, Hazirah, Emilyn and Bonda!

Yesterday we had gotong-royong at school. I think it was meriah? Yeah. I thing its the best out of all the gotong-royong the school ever had. I had fun breaking the cupboards that the school wanted to throw out. It feels like killing a person. And its strangely fun. Ehehehe.

Half way back home, got a ride from Pn.Shuba. Yay! Twice in a week! Littered at home till 2 then head out to KLPF. When I got there I called Nat, then she said she was going back already. Was so sad then. I was really looking forward going with Nat and Shannon to KLPF yesterday but then we had school. Then I missed hanging out with them when I got there. What a bummerr.

I was pretty tired over there. My back hurts. Met Cik Kuah there. Then called up Jas and Aqif and found out they were at a movie. My fault. I'm going there again today. Going with Han and gonna go buy stuff. So if you're going there now, see ya there!