Monday, 21 June 2010

The Future

So yesterday was, HARI AYAHANDA!

Unfortunately, my father had to go to Terengganu early in the morning, and he got back around 12am maybe. Abg Ezani was suppose to buy the Happy Father's Day card the day before but he forgot. He even forgot to come back to his own house! He came back the next morning.

Surprisingly Abang came to Bangsar from one his friends' wedding. When Abg Ezani came back from some side job, all 3 of us went to MPH Bangsar and bought ayah his card. We walked..

When we got home and gave it to mak, we found out it said "Happy Birthday Dad"! HAHAHA! My brothers and me laughed for quite some time and Abang ROFL-ed.

Pretty nice, no?

So anyways, got to continue studying, BM paper tomorrow. Bye.

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